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About Insight Magazine

The aviation industry is full of great stories. Every company has a tale to tell — from the largest original equipment manufacturer to the smallest supplier — and each year, thousands of industry professionals travel to trade shows to tell their stories. But with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their wares, how do you rise above the crowd?

Why You Should Advertise With Us

Quite simply, there's nothing like it at any trade show. Insight is a high-impact, customized publication that tells your company's story while raising target market awareness of your products and services. Distributed exclusively at major trade shows, Insight communicates your message to a captive event audience, in an exclusive format that gives your show investment an added boost.

Reach a captive audience at a trade show.
Trade show attendees tend to keep high-quality publications for future reference.
Reminds existing customers about the products and services you offer.
Distinguish yourself from your competitors.
Insight is everywhere your audience is.
Insight is a large, glossy format magazine, which means greater impact and greater attention paid to your advertorial.
More than an ad — it's your story, in your words and pictures.
Your story gets read by your targeted audience!

Issues of Insight

Publishers’ message

We started Insight to fill a void.

There are hundreds of great stories floating around every trade show, but many get lost in the crowd.

Insight is the best way to get noticed, using premium-quality feature writing and breathtaking graphic design to help your company make a lasting, meaningful impression on readers.

We bring the same standards to Insight that we bring to our other industry-leading magazines: Vertical, Vertical 911, Skies and RCAF Today.

Companies that appear in Insight don’t get lost in the crowd. They rise above it.

Let us show you the difference Insight can make. Contact us today to reserve your space in our next issue.

Mike and Linda Reyno
Owners/Publishers, Insight

Advertising Specs

Content in Insight is divided into categories to ensure equal representation of different industry sectors. When you book in one of our categories, your profile will be one of a very limited number in your sector. As well, you'll have first right of refusal for the next issue of Insight.

Benefits of working with Insight

  • Professionally designed;
  • Professionally-written articles about your company;
  • Eye-catching photography that engages the audience;
  • Unique 12" x 11" magazine using the heaviest paper stock in the industry to showcase your company;
  • No cluttered advertising pages to compete with your article.